Prisoner Membership Form

Due to censorship challenges, we have created a form which allows friends and family members to complete a membership application form on behalf of a prisoner (obviously with their full consent). The prisoner will then be contacted for confirmation (and if further censorship challenges are experienced, we will at least know this is happening and can take action).

    Prisoner Name

    Prisoner Number

    Date of Birth

    Address incl. postcode

    Will the person need large print materials?

    Please let us know any other access requirements

    What is their preferred language?

    Has the person been a member of a Union before?

    If yes, please state any Union Roles if so

    Please list any other skills they might be able to offer

    We understand not everyone has a release date. If the person has one and would like to be put in contact with their local branch and have preferred contact details post-release please write them below.

    Phone Number

    Email Address

    Location - Nearest Town or City

    Date likely to be released


    I confirm they are a worker and not an employer, that they wish to join the IWW and that they accept and will study the union's aims and constitution.


    Your Contact Details


    Email Address

    Phone Number

    How did you hear about the IWW?
    At an eventFacebookSearch engineStall at a prisonNewsletterWord of mouth