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If you would like to know more about the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committe (IWOC) or would be interested in getting involved you can contact us either by telephone, post or by e-mail all the contact details needed are below.

  • If you are a close friend or relative of anyone who is imprisoned and would like to help them get involved or perhaps you would like to get involved yourself, please contact us via the contact details written below.
  • If you are an incarcerated worker, membership to IWW is free and you will not be required to pay dues while you are imprisoned. The IWW strongly believes that all workers should be allowed to join their union regardless of their financial situation. If you would like to join the IWW you can do so by following the link here

Contact Us

Write to us at: IWW, PO Box 5251, Yeovil, BA20 9FS


IWW Website:

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